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  • Hugo May

    Hugo May

    Making sense of what happened tomorrow.

  • JonJon Clark

    JonJon Clark

    Smart contract enthusiast | float.capital | wildcards.world

  • cryptopoiesis


    Biomed student, unabashed creature of the lab & Dabbler in Chief: ceramics, painting, creative writing, video prod, graphic design, trading, Bitcoin maximalist

  • Anthony Bertolino

    Anthony Bertolino

    Educating people about blockchain technology, crypto assets and the future of finance.

  • Augustus Lee

    Augustus Lee

    Free Market Capitalism, Austrian Economics, Libertarian, and a Bitcoin Enthusiast; Oh, and I Analyze things. // https://keybase.io/augustus_lee7 //

  • Nic Carter

    Nic Carter

    Partner, Castle Island Ventures. Cofounder, Coinmetrics.io

  • Silvio Micali

    Silvio Micali

    Silvio Micali is the Founder of @Algorand. He is one of the co-inventors of zero-knowledge proofs and is a Turing Award-Winning MIT professor.

  • Aleks Larsen

    Aleks Larsen

    Investments & research at Blockchain Capital

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